NEW RELEASE! Transforming the Market with Senzit’s Gen 2

The wait is over! New tech helps HD fleets track their equipment faster than ever before. Check out the new features of Senzit’s Gen 2 predictive maintenance sensor below and get an overview of YOUR fleet.

Senzit’s new heavy-duty sensor launch is HERE!

At the beginning of March, cutting-edge sensor technology for heavy-duty fleets and equipment was released to the market – establishing a new benchmark for predictive maintenance: the Senzit Generation 2 sensor. Coupled with our advanced monitoring platform featuring machine learning,  your fleet management now goes way beyond telematics by establishing trends over time to alert you before there’s an engine problem.  Not only does this save you from “over maintaining” equipment, such as changing filters prematurely or doing maintenance on time-based intervals your equipment doesn’t actually need yet, but it also protects your equipment.

The redesigned Gen 2 solution includes major improvements to safeguard your most valuable assets essential in maintaining and growing your business. Many features are introduced in our Gen 2 product that improve the grasp of your fleet from a maintenance standpoint. Before we get into what is on the inside, let’s start on what you can see from the outside; the new and improved casing and hardware of the Senzit platform.

Initial stock on day 1 but Gen 2 supplies are already on reorder

*NEW FEATURE* Improved hardware and durability

We decided to first focus on improving the durability of our sensor before getting into the software, since giving a wide range of customers the ability to monitor their equipment and predict maintenance is our priority.

  • Rugged Design: as seen below, Senzit’s casing is more rugged than ever before with improved, more wear-resistant technology allowing the monitoring of your equipment up to 176°F (80°C). No longer will your fleet monitoring overheat in the harshest of environments.
  • ISO IP67 Standards – that exceeds US government requirements. After years of field testing on thousands of different sensors is the Senzit Gen 2 casing is built to monitor your HD equipment through the tough terrain no matter which industry your vehicles serve.

Gen 2 product

*NEW FEATURE* Faster cellular speeds


  • 4G LTE Connectivity – we heard you when it came to the cellular connectivity of our maintenance platform. So, with the introduction of the Gen 2 sensor, we implemented faster cellular speeds by getting up to speed with 4G LTE connectivity.
  • Compatible with Major Telecom Providers – most notably, we have added compatibility of the Senzit platform with all major providers, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile.

This wireless broadband is up to 10 times faster than the previous generation, allowing for more accurate location services of your equipment and fleet.

No matter who you have a plan with, you are able to enjoy the benefits of Senzit’s predictive maintenance platform faster and better than ever!

*NEW FEATURE* Extend connection with our antenna option

  • Attachable Antenna – stay connected in areas of poor Wi-Fi coverage and stay in the know wherever you go.

We understand that some job sites may be secluded from many of our major cellular services providers which can be difficult for those that want to enjoy the benefits of a telematics solution that requires coverage. To combat this, Senzit now provides an antenna option to those that desire an extended base connection reach.

Get connected with a Senzit product expert here to learn more about this option HERE and how it can benefit your fleet.

First install of Gen 2 in the field

*NEW FEATURE* Flexible built-in modularity


  • Built-in Modularity – helps future proof your investment. Get more flexibility and ease in adding new engine monitoring features when you need them.

With the flexibility of adding enhanced features and capabilities without the need to buy different sensors for your equipment, we are able to develop more monitoring features of your engine systems. Instead of waiting for a new generation of the Senzit sensor, we plan on releasing specialized modular additions to the sensor, with the current product as a “hub” to these new maintenance extensions.

We hope to include you all on this journey to one of the most well-rounded, insightful predictive maintenance platforms in the heavy-duty industry. Stay tuned for more regarding this built-in modularity flexibility.

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We want thank everyone that joined us in using our Gen 1 sensor for their heavy-duty fleets. Your feedback was indispensable in the development of Generation 2  – pushing us to give you a better product overall. We appreciate our customers and partners and prioritize their happiness with our platform.

For those that have not yet tried the Senzit predictive maintenance solution, we invite you for a FREE demo of the product on your work site! Schedule a demo with one of our product experts and see how Senzit can benefit you or your business.

Oh, and just look at our products from an insider point of view – they’re going quick!

First install of Gen 2 in the Senzit truck