Water Trends for 2021

Looking Back at 5 Years of i2M

        There comes a point in time where you should reflect on how far you’ve come. The author, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said it best, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” With this being said, we like to view our business as a journey with never-ending innovation, creativity, and breakthroughs. From our start in early 2015, we’ve grown in unimaginable ways. With new filtration solutions,…

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Why You Should Convert to Fuel Cell Material Handling Equipment

Cold Weather is Coming…Indoor Air Filtration is Our Health’s Saving Grace


What is Ion Exchange and How Does it Work?

  Overview  Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction where an ion (an atom or molecule that has lost or gained an electron and thus acquired an electrical charge) from wastewater solution is exchanged for a similarly charged ion attached to an immobile solid particle (such as the resin).  

Growth of the Wastewater Industry During a Challenging 2020

  2020 has been a year of unforeseen challenges, and the water industry is no different. At the first of this year, this multi-billion-dollar industry was affected drastically with companies reducing staff, automating operations, and combining these measures with tight cost controls. Luckily, many products like our CERA~SKID can be automated with target parameters, keeping businesses up and running. As…