STREAMETRIC partners with service providers in the Nuclear Power Industry to reduce plant decommissioning costs and timelines

RALEIGH, NC, December 20, 2021

STREAMETRIC announces a new partnership in the nuclear power industry with a leading international decommissioning service company to digitalize key filtration equipment critical to the decontamination process of nuclear power plants. A New England power plant was one of the early implementations of the STREAMETRIC water filtration management solution and, after several months, is showing successful results in significant areas including reduction in downtimes, extension of filter life, and improve ROI in a shorter period of time.

STREAMETRIC was chosen as a partner because their solution solves two key issues of source-term cleaning in nuclear facilities using underwater vacuum systems: pump cavitation, which is often difficult to detect; and underutilized filter capacity when cavitation occurs. The STREAMETRIC digital platform analyzes data from the submerged pumps against filter performance to not only alert operators when and where a system issue is happening in real-time, but also predict filter loads to better plan maintenance downtimes when replacement is actually needed. With data storage capacity and historical analysis available within the STREAMETRIC solution, nuclear plants can also track the water vacuum performance trends over time to determine their wastewater characteristics for more insightful decision-making.

Decommissioning projects take years and cost an average of $544 to $821 million USD. According to the decommissioning service partner, STREAMETRIC helps to avoid project delays. After implementation, the ROI for these projects can be cut down to less than 12 months. Alexander Ubl, co-founder of STREAMETRIC said, “For us, the partnership and initial implementations are a great opportunity to put over 70 years of filtration and our IoT experience to use. We applied our Discover, Predict, Improve vision to the niche challenges of nuclear plants to help support and improve critical infrastructure to the energy industry.”


STREAMETRIC empowers the water and fluid industry to easily utilize their data to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and maximize their plants’ performance. It is our vision to contribute to a more sustainable world. As part of the Digital Business Group backed by MANN+HUMMEL, we combine over 80 years of filtration experience, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in one powerful platform to fully manage water filtration and other liquid processing systems.