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TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV is a portable air filtration machine designed to effectively remove particulates, germs, and other contaminants commonly found in the air we breathe.

This hospital-grade unit can be operated in a stand-alone configuration, constantly cleaning and recirculating the interior air volume. It can also be used with the included collar to duct the airflow outside, enabling a negative pressure environment.

A HEPA filtration system with three stages of protection are being used in the following locations:

Educational Facilities
Healthcare Use Spaces
Office Space
Restaurants and Shops

PROTECT+ion Omniflow

We are proud to offer our ion exchange filter, the PROTECT+ion Omniflow. “Protection” is our mission, and the name “Omniflow” comes from our unique ability of this filter to be mounted in any orientation without sacrificing performance.

This ion exchange filter has been widely adopted by hydrogen fuel cell OEM’s and integrators worldwide. We protect your fuel cell coolant loop by keeping the conductivity to a bare minimum. The PROTECT+ion Omniflow filter comes in four sizes...

An ion exchange filter that propels you forward with clean energy in the following uses:

• Fuel Cell Backup Powerplants
• Fuel Cell Material Handling
• Fuel Cell Transportation

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