Welcome to i2M

i2M means "Innovation to Market." It was the dream of the founders of Mann+Hummel as far back as the 1930s and 40s, when developing innovative filtration systems that reduced pollutants helped them gain international distribution and OEM status in the automotive industry.  Today, i2M serves as an incubator for three digital ventures that continue that same innovative spirit with innovative technologies in the HVAC, heavy equipment, and water management industries.

Our Digital Ventures


Breathe Better.  Build Smarter.

qlair is the leading platform for proactive clean air management in commercial buildings using AI-based technology. By assessing, improving and managing all key factors that affect your indoor environment’s health and operational efficiency, you are able to monitor the air you breathe to the filters in your HVAC system in one centralized hub.

qlair’s mission is to create cleaner, safer and more efficient buildings with powerful analytics that provide actionable insights, research-backed solutions and best-in-class sensors. Meet ventilation and air filtration guidelines, reduce the risk of airborne virus transmissions, and get matched with the most effective air quality solutions based on your unique data.


Making Downtime a Thing of the Past

Senzit provides a predictive maintenance solution that reduces unplanned downtime. Paired with forecasted engine analytics, Senzit is a clean choice for fleet managers and individuals operating heavy-duty equipment across industries with major dust problems such as construction, mining, and agriculture.

Heavy-duty businesses all over the world are looking for the best solutions for equipment maintenance and fleet management. Senzit’s specialized sensors monitor engine filtration, predicting the health and lifespan of filters. Along with geolocation, logs, trend reports, and more, you get a full view of all your HD machinery, so you can streamline business operations, boosting equipment uptime and improve productivity.


Next Level Water Systems Control

STREAMETRIC is changing water technology with constant innovations that create more efficient environments for wastewater and water management industries. Our digital solutions combines 70 years of filtration expertise with machine learning AI to specifically meets the needs of OEMs, System Integrators, and Plant Operators in the water and wastewater treatment industries.

Make prediction-based decisions for your assets with STREAMETRIC to forecasting membrane and pump health, monitor your entire system and flows onsite or at remote lift stations and water storage equipment.

Clean Air

The air you breathe can greatly affect your health, productivity, cognitive functions and, well, your basic comfort and peace of mind. That’s why i2M supports innovations focused on improving indoor air quality for total Clean Air Management in commercial spaces.

Clean Water

The earth is 71% water and yet we face growing water scarcity because infrastructure is failing to meet accelerating demand. At i2M we’re investing in Clean Water technology that measurably improves the running of water and wastewater treatment systems.

Clean Transportation

Despite the rise of electric vehicles, diesel engines continue to dominate construction, agriculture, mining, and commercial transport vehicles. Finding better ways to keep those engines running cleaner is through predictive maintenance solutions how i2M contributes to fleet managers’ sustainability and budget goals.