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Water Treatability

Water Treatability

There is no better way to ensure project success than to thoroughly test for treatability.  We start this process using one of our in-house bench-top units to test a small volume of wastewater.  This allows us to generate samples for lab analysis and also provides vital information regarding the overall economics of the cost to achieve your water quality requirements.

Once we complete the water treatability studies we will provide:

  • Test report
  • Budgetary proposal
  • Recommended next steps

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Pilot Field Studies

Establishing initial treatability and feasibility with our in-house benchtop testing is a critical first step.  However, if needed our mobile pilot study skids are designed to test several different processes based on the individual needs and requirements of the customer. 

Pilot field studies are used to confirm the projected water treatability using your actual plant wastewater.  Depending on the variability of the wastewater and your budget, pilot study tests are generally operated anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks, primarily depending on the variability of the stream that needs to be treated.

At the completion of the pilot field study we will provide:

  • Pilot Study Report
  • Process flow diagram
  • Budgetary Proposal
  • ROI Projection


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