How clean is this water? Many people ask themselves this question daily. As countries are gaining access to more clean water, more people are becoming aware of water quality and its importance in our day to day life. From drinking water to the water used to keep our businesses operating at peak efficiency, the quality of this water is gravely important.  

Consuming contaminated water can result in illness and even death. As you could imagine, the last thing you would want is to purchase water from the store for your family’s use, just to find out it was not purified correctly. That is why it is important to ensure household water is free from harmful bacteria and disease. An important factor to consider is the source of your water. Wells, lakes and rainwater are all sources of household water that must meet public health standards by being tested against numerous parameters. Usually, governments and regulatory agencies are responsible for regulatory testing of water, however, it is recommended that you test your own drinking water to determine the health of your water supply. Filters are available to attach to your plumbing, as well as home test kits for routine testing. Not only do we improve our health when we use fresh, clean water, but we gain peace of mind as well.  


Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality Analysis

The peace of mind that comes from water quality testing in your own home translates to businesses in the water industry as well. With the use of water in product manufacturing and as a byproduct to be reused, the quality of this water is of utmost importance to companies’ bottom lines. Water has various levels of required quality, depending on the application and aggressive wastewaters. With ranging levels of TSS and COD, water quality will range given the specific use. For instance, water being used in metal finishing must be filtered following its use due to large suspended solids, metal shavings, and oil and grease residues. To ensure quality products in these applications, the quality of water being used must be tested to great lengths as well.  

i2m offers initial performance data and water samples free of charge, given a 5-gallon bucket of your wastewater. This allows you to understand your water better than before, opening up the possibility of reusing your wastewater for continued operations, saving your company money! As most companies must meet wastewater requirements before disposal into the environment, going an extra step further to clarify your water a little more can save you money in the long run.  

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With the understanding of your water being of great benefit to you, i2m offers water treatment solutions on a personalized basis. The process begins with using one of our in-house bench-top units to test a small volume of wastewater. This allows us to generate samples for lab analysis and provides vital information of what bacteria, pollutants, and other solids are in your water. In turn, this allows us to recommend specific filters for your application, as well as estimate costs to achieve your water quality requirements.  

Complete our form here! Provide us with your contact information and water quality requirements and an i2m representative will contact you with further details regarding shipment. All that’s left is to send us 5 gallons of wastewater to begin testing!  

Establishing initial water treatability through testing with our in-house benchtop unit is a critical first step.  However, we also offer mobile pilot study skids that are designed to test several different processes based on your individual needs and requirements! These field studies are used to confirm the projected water treatability using your actual plant wastewater.  Depending on the scope of your project, pilot study tests can be completed in anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks, primarily depending on the variability of the stream that needs to be treated. 

From household water used in your daily lives to the water requirements needed to keep your business successful, i2m has you covered with water quality testing. Check out our Water Treatability page to learn more about how we can test your water for a variety of applications. Our website is constantly updated with new and innovative products to provide you with the best water filtration solutions possible! 

Water Treatability

There is no better way to ensure project success than to thoroughly test for treatability.  We start this process using one of our in-house bench-top units to test a small volume of wastewater.  This allows us to generate samples for lab analysis and also provides vital information regarding the overall economics of the cost to achieve your water quality requirements.

Once we complete the water treatability studies we will provide:

  • Test report
  • Budgetary proposal
  • Recommended next steps

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