Watch our Algae Pilot Study during a WEFTEC Plant Tour Video

On October 4th, i2m performed a live algae pilot study featuring our ceramic hollow fiber membrane technology, CERA~DUR, during a plant tour organized by WEFTEC at one of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago’s facilities. Our objective was to dewater an algae tank and deliver high quality permeate water that meet disposal requirements. Our CERA~DUR was following a Revolving Algal Biofilm system (RAB), developed by Gross-Wen Technologies, that is used to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the algae wastewater. We successfully dewatered the stream to 5% concentration of algae and delivered high quality permeate water to be disposed.
Martin A Gross Ph D, co-founder and CEO of Gross-Wen Technologies, said “the i2m membrane is a very good opportunity for us to clean the water so no algae is left in it.  If we don’t remove that algae from the water, with the i2m membrane (CERA~DUR), then we don’t get the efficient treatment we’re looking for.”

Live Algae Pilot Study