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Auto Body Shop in North Carolina Uses i2m CERA~DUR Filtration Technology to Meet Water Reuse Requirements

Auto Body Shop in North Carolina Uses i2m CERA~DUR Filtration Technology to Meet Water Reuse Requirements Project Overview One of the largest auto body shops in North Carolina needed a wastewater treatment system prior to their opening in Boone, NC. Due to no POTW access and onsite disposal restrictions, the wastewater needed to be treated…

Large Aerospace Manufacturer Uses Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes to Reduce Wastewater Disposal Costs

A Large Aerospace Manufacturer Cuts Wastewater Disposal Costs and Reduces OPEX by $49,000 Per Year with i2m CERA~DUR Filtration Technology Project Overview A large aerospace manufacturer needed to reduce OPEX at their location in Singapore. The abrasive composition of the wastewater resulted in the complete replacement of their existing polymer membrane solution every 2 months.…

Pilot Field Studies

Introducing the CERA~DUR 1 Series

Introducing the CERA~DUR 1 Series So, what’s so special about our CERA~DUR 1 Series? Simply put, it’s the most cost-effective ceramic hollow fiber solution on the market today. Of course, it provides all the typical benefits of ceramic membranes, such as withstanding higher temperatures and a higher chemical resistance. The CERA~DUR 1 Series was specifically…

First Ever Race Completed in Fuel Cell Race Car

Forze is a Dutch company founded by students from the Delft University of Technology who aim to create a sustainable future within the mobility industry. The Forze VIII was the eighth car by the company, initially a rebuild of their Forze VII vehicle with the same LMP3 monocoque implementing newer and better components.    Forze VIII…

Join i2m at the International Water Conference 2018

Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology for Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Recycle/Reuse Applications The International Water Conference is an annual event organized by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, which will be taking place November 4-6. The goal of the event is to bring together industry professionals in the technical forum setting. The commercial-free discussions allow…


ELECTROPLATING PILOT STUDY Application Electroplating is a widely used process across many industries. Electroplating companies create wastewater containing heavy metals and activated carbon particles which cannot be directly discharged or sent to the local POTW without proper treatment. The challenge is that the wastewater contains very high suspended solids, and the polymeric membranes currently in…

Fuel Cell Store Welcomes PROTECT+ion Omniflow

FUEL CELL STORE WELCOMES PROTECT+ION OMNIFLOW Our ion exchange filter, the PROTECT+ion Omniflow, can now be purchased on the Fuel Cell Store website.  The Fuel Cell Store is the ultimate destination for all your fuel cell needs.  Based in the US, they are the first and largest fuel cell e-commerce website in the world, offering…

Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester Pilot Study Application On average, a brewery will produce 3 barrels of wastewater for each barrel brewed. Brewery wastewater includes high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and high total suspended solids (TSS), which cannot be disposed to the public sewer system when produced in high quantity. A common way…

Vibratory Wastewater

VIBRATORY WASTEWATER CASE STUDY Application: Rinse water from vibratory finishing processes contains heavy metals, chemicals and oil & grease. The wastewater cannot be discharged into the public sewer system, and requires to either be disposed of with specialized waste management companies or be treated onsite. Waste management companies are very expensive, thus used by companies…

Algae Dewatering

ALGAE DEWATERING PILOT STUDY Application: Nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) pollution is one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, stated The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Consequently, wastewater containing high amounts of nutrients cannot be disposed without first being treated. Current means to remove nutrients involve the use of chemicals and additional…

Automotive Collision Center

AUTOMOTIVE COLLISION CENTER CASE STUDY Application: Automotive collision centers create wastewater that can have a bad impact on the environment if not properly managed.  Contaminants in wastewater include oil and grease, metals, detergents, phosphates, chemicals, etc. One of the largest automotive collision centers in North Carolina needed a wastewater treatment system before their opening in…

Launching of CERA~DUR 6 Series at MTC

Launching of CERA~DUR 6 Series at MTC Join us in West Palm Beach, Florida from March 13-15, 2018 for the Membrane Technology Conference and the launch of our new generation of Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes – CERA~DUR 6 Series. The Membrane Technology Conference is powered by the American Membrane Technology Association and the American Water…

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