During this time of uncertainty, school systems across the country are evaluating reopening strategies. The balancing of education standards along with student and faculty health is a top priority for every school official in the nation. Reopening guidelines vary between states and their respective counties so there is no “one size fits all” plan.

Currently, there are 2 decided plans for school reopening in North Carolina.

  • Plan B: increased social distancing with schools at no more than 50 percent and buses at no more than 33 percent capacity
  • Plan C: remote instruction only.

Under these plans proposed by NC Governor Cooper, our children can continue their education in a way that values their health and safety. The restructuring of such a system on this large of a scale is always a daunting task. However, as we navigate this new world, these changes will help provide guidance in creating safety for our public spaces.

Thus far in the process, Plan B is the preferred route for many counties in NC. This involves the rotation of select grades and students cycling from online learning to in-person learning throughout the semester.  

ASHRAE’s Website gives some helpful information pertaining to required infrastructure updates in schools: 

  • Specialty HVAC systems, such as portable solutions, in Nurse Offices with the following features: 
    • Negative Pressure Mode
    • Normal Air Circulation Mode
  • Recommend one portable air filtration unit per classroom 
  • Establish a process and dedicated space for people who are ill to isolate and have transportation plans for ill students 
  • Require frequent hand washing throughout the school day and provide hand sanitizer at entrances and in every classroom 
  • Designate hallways and entrance/exit doors as one-way 
  • Place physical barriers such as plexiglass at reception desks and similar areas 

Source: https://www.ashrae.org/file%20library/technical%20resources/covid-19/ashrae-reopening-schools-and-universities-c19-guidance.pdf 

*See pg. 18 & 31 

As parents across the country await their school district’s choice, it’s clear the fall semester will be anything but normal. i2M stands with many other businesses striving to create a safe and healthy space in schools.  

Our TRI-KLEEN 500UV solves school nurse office setup requirements, classroom safety, and filters the air from every other high-contact location in your facility.  

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