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i2M and qlair have partnered to provide business owners, facility managers, and more with an exclusive offer to reopen their buildings safely. Utilizing i2M’s TRI-KLEEN™ 500 UV with qlair’s indoor air quality monitoring will allow you to develop a plan to reopen with safe, clean air.

In the wake of the global pandemic, we understand that our customers are doing their best to provide a healthy indoor environment for their staff, tenants, and other occupants. The TRI-KLEEN 500 UV will purify the air in a given space, while your indoor air quality monitoring efforts will provide comprehensive visibility into the status of your air quality and efforts. 


This bundle includes:  

  • One TRI-KLEEN™ 500 UV 
  • One Indoor Air Quality Sensor 
  • 24/7 access to qlair’s digital platform for one year 
  • Monthly air quality reports 
  • One “Clean Air Zone” Sticker 


A Clean Air Zone is an area within a facility that includes a TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV and an IAQ Sensor. Visitors of the facility will see the sticker on the door of your building, scan the QR code, and know that there is safe air quality within the space. With TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV and indoor air quality monitoring, you can have peace of mind that your employees and customers are breathing safe, clean air.  

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