Recycle and reuse your laundromat wastewater
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Recycle and Reuse your Laundromat Wastewater using i2m Ceramic Membrane Systems

Ceramic Membranes have been utilized for treating laundry wastewater for many years.  With our Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane technology we can provide your laundromat a water recovery and reuse system that can offer substantial savings in water and sewer costs.

Reduce & Recycle

Water is one of the most vital components in your commercial laundry operation.  Substantially reduce the amount of water you purchase and dispose of by utilizing our Ceramic Membrane Technologies to reduce your incoming water and recycle your wastewater.

Recovery Rates Up To 80%

Recover up to 80% of your incoming water and drastically reduce your water and sewer costs.

ROI In As Little As 24 MONTHS

In many instances our systems are designed to provide a positive ROI in as little as 24 months