Introducing the CERA~DUR 1 Series

So, what’s so special about our CERA~DUR 1 Series? Simply put, it’s the most cost-effective ceramic hollow fiber solution on the market today. Of course, it provides all the typical benefits of ceramic membranes, such as withstanding higher temperatures and a higher chemical resistance.

The CERA~DUR 1 Series was specifically designed to be a cost effective solution for smaller scale ultrafiltration systems (< 10 GPM) or for performing pilot testing. 

Benefits of the CERA~DUR 1 Series modules are: 

  • Lower capital and operating expense costs 
  • Modular design options for easy installation and maintenance 
  • Higher flux when compared with polymer membranes 
  • Backwashed with a short cycle of water resulting in consistent high recovery 
  • Able to handle aggressive wastewaters; up to 100,000 ppm TSS, 20,000 ppm COD, and 5,000 ppm oil 
CERA~DUR 1 Series

CERA~DUR 1 Series

Filter Large Volumes of Wastewater

The ability to achieve a high packing density in a single module allows us to offer a greater filtration area, in comparison with other membranes on the market.  Using our ceramic hollow fiber membranes provides you the ability to filter large volumes of wastewater while minimizing space and energy.

Furthermore, the membranes are customizable to suit specific filtration needs. Our ceramic membrane portfolio extends to nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration. 

High Recovery

Removal of fouling layers is imperative for the function of any membrane system, as any buildup of materials has the potential to degrade the membrane resulting in a decrease of both the flux and the quality of the end product. 

Our ceramic hollow fiber membranes typically require a quick, periodic backwash. The backwash  removes the fouling layers, thus improving performance and extending the operating lifetime of our membranes. However if needed the CERA~DUR membranes can easily tolerate a  variety of CIP protocols.   

Learn more about the CERA~DUR 1 Series here or if you have any other questions about our CERA~DUR 1 Series please reach out to us at 


CERA~DUR 1 Series

CERA~DUR 1 Series

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