In early February, our team joined hundreds of others interested in protecting air quality in schools at the National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA) in South Carolina. School facility managers and their teammates from across the country met to learn about new technologies and best practices for keeping school systems operational and healthy. One of the highlights of this year’s show, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, was indoor air quality.

For this show, we joined forces with our favorite air quality monitoring company, qlair! They’re one of our sister companies innovating in the air quality monitoring sector. Their best-in-class sensors track numerous air quality parameters, combining them with their powerful analytics to integrate into building maintenance solutions. qlair’s CEO, Dr. Ellie Amirnasr, had the opportunity to speak at one of the informational sessions during the week about indoor air quality. 

Dr. Amirnasr is an expert in her field, and we were happy to share a booth with her during the show. We met with dozens of professionals interested in our bundle package, integrating qlair’s indoor air quality monitoring with our advanced air filtration technology. Our very own Felipe Zenaide joined her to welcome visitors to our brand and educate them a little more on the power of air quality and filtration.

With qlair sensors and a TRI-KLEEN 500UV on display, visitors were able to see first-hand the power of a clean air zone. With powerful reports coming from qlair, users can see their air quality improve with the addition of a TRI-KLEEN 500UV to their space.

Of course, we were happy to share the floor with many other innovative companies as well! Air filtration and monitoring were a huge part of the show, each with a different benefit they could bring to the table. There were also sanitization companies, security system integrators, and specialized contractors! It was a powerful experience to be joined by so many others who had the same goal of protecting the safety of our schools.  

With a table full of goodies and tons of informational flyers and booklets to hand out, we accomplished our mission of putting feet on the ground to get to know our customers better. During the show, we even raffled off an iPad to those who stopped by our booth and had a conversation with us! 

During this time, we had the chance to listen to informative series presented by experts in their fields. We also had the opportunity to networking and meet new friends in all industries. We’ve left this conference with a greater understanding of what our school systems need from us and we’re ready to provide it. 

For more information about TRI-KLEEN 500UV, a portable, 3-stage air filtration machine, reach out to Felipe Zenaide to schedule a quick call! 

To learn more about our Clean Air Zone: Purify and Protect package with qlair, click here!