2020 has been a year of unforeseen challenges, and the water industry is no different. At the first of this year, this multi-billion-dollar industry was affected drastically with companies reducing staff, automating operations, and combining these measures with tight cost controls. Luckily, many products like our CERA~SKID can be automated with target parameters, keeping businesses up and running. As our working environment has shifted towards online technology, so has the industry. Companies across the globe are automating their filtration operations more than ever before. With less staff on the grounds, increasing technology use allows many companies to still meet their goals. In a similar respect, the filtration industry is rising to the challenge.  



Our line of high-quality CERA~DUR Hollow Fiber Ceramic Membranes must meet strict quality checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process. This saves you money and reduces stress during times when you have other things to worry about. i2M’s goal has always been to support our clients in their filtration goals, and 2020 is no different. Keeping your business up and running while minimizing costs is what we’re here for! 




While controlling costs is no doubt at the top of your priorities, the rising awareness of environmental and health concerns probably is too. The world is becoming increasingly concerned with pollution and consumers are advocating for “green” companies that do their best to minimize waste. Products like CERA~DUR and our skid solutions allow you to save disposal costs and use these funds elsewhere is your business. Not only do CERA~DUR products save you money, but they also help to shine a light on how you’re helping the environment’s water needs! With this being said, new technology is allowing our industry to grow like never beforeAdvances in manufacturing technology and a growing global awareness of water quality are causing the private and public sectors to invest in more industrial water treatments. Will you be next?  

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At i2M, we strive to provide innovative solutions for your filtration needs, whether clean air or clean water. 2020 has been a challenging year but our team is here to help your business take advantage of the growing market and we’re excited to contribute to your business’s success!  

Feel free to contact an i2M Sales Representative with questions on your next project, or to send water in to be tested! Striving to always support our clients in the best way possible, we can finish 2020 with new industry growth and new technology!