Our ion exchange filter, the PROTECT+ion Omniflow, can now be purchased on the Fuel Cell Store website. The Fuel Cell Store is the ultimate destination for all your fuel cell needs. Based in the US, they are the first and largest fuel cell e-commerce website in the world, offering the widest selection of products and technologies for a variety of needs from educational to research and testing to industrial applications.

The Fuel Cell Store promotes greener lifestyles, cleaner energy solutions, and environmentally sustainable commerce by providing fuel cell and renewable technology education, research and implementation.  You can find anything from Fuel Cell Model Car kits for STEM education, to Ion Exchange Filters for industrial purposes.

Ion exchange filters protect equipment from excessive ionic charges, by using high capacity resins to provide low conductivity in an easy to service, ion exchange filter. The Fuel Cell Store carries our four sizes of PROTECT+ion Omniflow: i6-2, i6-3, i10-2 and i10-3 covering a wide range of applications to meet all your requirements. The i6-2 is a 2” OD x 6” long filter and the i10-3 is a 3” OD by 10” long. Each size features different capacities of how many ions it can absorb from the fluid. All our PROTECT+ion Omniflow filters can be mounted, connected, or oriented in any way and its unique design will not leak resin into the surrounding system and the environment, allowing for carefree operation. Our advanced patented lattice design maximizes the ion exchange efficiency and minimizes pressure drops providing you with the best ion exchange performance on the market.

Our PROTECT+ion Omniflow can also be purchased through Amazon or on our online shop i-2-m.com.

From the smallest to the biggest applications PROTECT+ion Omniflow has the right filter for you.

Click here to buy our products on the Fuel Cell Store.