Up until this point, we’ve been able to protect our indoor air quality during the warm months of the year. The small business side of America has been able to stay open thus far this year with moving operations outside, opening windows, or teleworking. Many Americans have enjoyed being able to visit their favorite restaurants, shops, and private businesses through minimal exposure thanks to pleasant weather. However, as our months grow colder in the Northern Hemisphere, these options will no longer be available.

Cold weather drives us inside where air recirculates. This can have many detrimental health consequences, especially in the form of disease transmission and unhealthy breathing environments. James Hamlin from The Atlantic states, “Viruses travel differently in air of different temperatures and humidity levels. In typical summer weather, the microscopic liquid particles that shoot out of our mouths don’t travel as efficiently as they do in dry winter air.” With less air changes per hour in closed in spaces, air quality drops drastically. What has kept many businesses afloat is the cheap alternative of doing the bare minimum for reopening: opening windows, outside spaces, and masks. Though as you know, working outside with your 9-5 job in 30-degree Fahrenheit won’t last long.

A Cold

Not only does the air in our immediate environments become worse for our health but staying indoors for such long periods of time can wreak havoc on our immune systems and mental health. When people become more sedentary during winter months, our immune systems become less vigilant, and our overall resilience flags. A comprised immune system with less fresh air and worse indoor air quality is a recipe for winter sickness.

The myth that cold weather causes you to be sick more often is actually due to the fact that you’re in less filtrated places, increasing your contact with germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Combined with other safety measures, these fast and effective units can clean spaces of up to 3000 cubic ft.! HEPA filters offer the greatest range of protection, filtering the air of 99.97% of airborne particulates. Finding a portable air filtration system with HEPA filtration is ideal, but other factors are important too. Additional features like front-line pre-filters with high MERV ratings and UV-C germicidal bulbs increase the filtration power and decrease your chances of getting sick.  

As we all start to move indoors this fall, remember to invest in your personal health, your company’s success, and your client’s well-being with the installation of portable air filtration systems.  

Curious about i2M’s air filtration solutions? Our TRI-KLEEN 500UV has 3 steps of filtration with HEPA filtration, a MERV-8 pre-filter, and a UV-C germicidal bulb to remove 99.97% of contaminants from large spaces. Whether you need a solution for healthcare, corporate environments, educational facilities, or other use, our team is here to educate and help you along your clean air journey!