Cera~Dur 1 Series Copy

CERA~DUR 1 Series

Finally a cost effective ceramic hollow fiber alternative to 1″ PVDF tubular modules!

The  Cera~Dur 1 Series is the most cost effective Ceramic Hollow fiber solution in the market today!

Along with the typical benefits of higher temperatures and chemical resistance that ceramics offer, the CERA~DUR 1 SERIES provides:

  • Lower capital and OPEX costs
  • Modular design options for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Higher flux vs. polymer membranes
  • Able to handle aggressive wastewaters; up to 100,000 ppm TSS, 20,000 ppm COD and 5,000 ppm oil.

Our ceramic hollow fiber membranes deliver stable flux and high-quality product water for disposal/reuse with <1 ppm TSS, <500 ppm COD and <5 ppm oil.

If you are interested in learning more about the availability of our new Cera~Dur 1 Series solution, please give us a call or send us an email.

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Modular and Adaptable

The modular design of the CERA~DUR 1 SERIES offers unmatched flexibility.

Model Options 1series

Hollow Fiber

Our hollow fiber membranes are very easy to clean and do not require much chemicals. A quick periodic backwash to remove the fouling layers will improve performance and extend the operating lifetime of our membranes. The ability to achieve high packing density in a single module allows us to offer a greater filtration area than other membranes. Our hollow fiber membrane modules are used to filter large volumes of wastewater utilizing minimal space and energy.

From Nanofiltration to Microfiltration

We extended our ceramic hollow fiber membrane portfolio to suit specific filtration needs covering nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. In addition to our standard 30 nm pore size, we now offer 3 nm, 80 nm  and 130 nm pore sizes. Our clean water permeability ranges from 400 to 2,500 LMH at 1 bar depending on the pore size.

Graph Cera-Dur 1 series layout

Crossflow in-out filtration

Our crossflow in-out filtration offers long operating cycles by increasing the shear force to remove fouling layers and high recovery of membrane performance with less cleaning cycles and chemicals.


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