Nationwide, the foodservice industry is one of the highest contributors to the local economy. Not only do they contribute monetarily to the economy, they’re also breeding grounds for harmful bacteria if not sanitized correctly. When visiting your favorite restaurants and bars, the last thing you want to worry about is the air you’re breathing inside. Dining customers want peace of mind which allows them to enjoy their company and great conversations.

A local brewery and restaurant, Aviator Brewing Company, has taken the crucial step of improving their air quality as they reopen. Customer service is what they do best, although some would argue that their beer is! This is why they’ve chosen to work with i2M in the installation of TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV in their dining areas.

The owner, Mark Doble, has used his time and resources to establish a Clean Air Zone to his valued customers.  By creating a space protected by air filtration technology, the business has conveyed its dedication to the community. As customers enter the dining room, the TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV can be seen in the middle of the room. This aids filtration effectiveness and provides peace of mind to all who enter. By having our portable air filtration unit centrally located, it protects customers along the bar, dining tables, and even the waitstaff. Removing the many particulates and germs found in the air of restaurants can keep all who enter healthy, and reduce the spread of unwanted viruses and bacteria. Not only does the restaurant now meet government regulations for reopening, but Doble has protected his space from particulates, germs, and viruses that may be brought in from outside. Now that’s customer service!  

Aviator Brewing Company is one of many restaurants we are currently working with to create Clean Air Zones. Steakhouses, diners, deli’s, and every eatery across the nation values their sanitation. TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV takes this sanitation to the next level. Minimizing the fear from customers as they begin to visit their favorite dining rooms again is a top priority. In many cases, the CARES Act supports businesses in their costs incurred from the COVID-19 pandemic. Leasing options are available at the link here on our website. No matter your situation, i2M is ready to support you in your efforts of reopening with a safe and healthy environment.  

Contact an i2M sales representative today to discuss your options relating to purchasing, shipment, and installation. Clean air is just a phone call away!