i2M has partnered with qlair to provide a holistic air filtration solution providing the best of what our products have to offer. The i2M TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV and qlair’s full range of sensors and monitoring software purify and protect the air you breathe.

qlair’s strategically placed sensors continuously track air quality and detect critical areas in your facility in real–time. Now given data to work with, you can place TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV units in the most critical areas and adjust fan speed accordingly. Not only can you be smart about air filtration placement, but you can also see the progress as TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV works to bring the air quality to healthy levels. As airborne germs, viruses, and bacteria are removed from the air, you will see qlair sensors glow from red, to yellow, to green, providing a visual affirmation of the quality of air around you.

Who is this for? 

The i2M TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV powered by qlair is for businesses of all applications with high-personnel contact and individual spaces occupied by employees. Doctor’s offices, offices, retail-spaces, schools, nursing homes, and any other application where you have large gathers of people will benefit from this clean air solution. With the ability to purify up to 3000 cu. ft., the unit(s) and sensor(s) work together to purify your air and send live reports of data from various locations around your facility.  

Not only are you doing your part by providing a healthy breathing environment for your place of business, but employees immediately feel more confident and less anxious about their health in the workplace. With easy to read displays and app-based monitoring, it’s a simple interface solution that does the hard work for you so you can breathe easy.  

Here’s How it Works:

qlair’s Air Quality Monitoring-

qlair installs sensors in your spaces including one or more digital read-out displays. Once mounted to the wall, the sensors continuously track and send live read-outs of air quality data to the user(s) smartphone(s) and the wall–mounted digital display(s). Sensors glow corresponding to the quality of air surrounding it. The goal is to have green glows in all qlair sensors throughout your facility! To achieve this, you’ll need to have TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV units placed around your facility… 

i2M TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV- 

The TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV units help you to achieve the green glow from qlair sensors management and employees want to see. With 3 filter stages comprised of a MERV-8 pre-filter, cylindrical HEPA filter, and UV-C germicidal bulb, it works to remove viruses, bacteria, and harmful particulate matter from the air. With 3 fan speed settings, you can adjust your units corresponding to qlair read-outs, placing units adjusted to high fan speeds in critical areas shown by your qlair data.  

Moving Forward with Clean Air: 

Now that you’ve used the cohesive air filtration solution that is the i2M TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV powered by qlair, you’re ready to maintain your healthy environment. 

qlair provides a comprehensive breakdown of your indoor environment every month. It detects trends in your indoor air quality over time for enhanced business decisions. You can compare the state of rooms and gathering areas side by side, allowing you to adjust your TRI-KLEEN™ 500UVs as needed. With their monthly and yearly subscription-based software, you’ll receive mold detection notifications and pollutant source detections.  

Need More Info? 

Contact i2M for questions related to the set-up and operation of your i2M TRI-KLEEN™ 500UV units at info@i-2-m.com or Steven Ysidron at +1 (919) 272–9702.  

Contact qlair for questions regarding air quality monitoring and subscription services at info@i-qlair.com.